Sneak Peek: Don Diamont Brings 'Dollar Bill' To Genoa City On 'Y&R' | Celebrity Page
The soap legend is heading back to The Young and the Restless, but this time, as Bill Spencer Jr.

Don's Epic Return To 'Y&R' 📺

Don't get it twisted. Brad Carlton is not coming back!

Fans have followed Don Diamont's career since his breakout back in 1985 on The Young and the Restless as Brad Carlton.

After a sudden departure from Y&R in 2009, Don quickly picked up another iconic role as Bill Spencer Jr. on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Now, the star is heading back to the Y&R set, but this time, as "Dollar Bill" in a special crossover episode.

Don Diamont chatted with Ricky Cornish all about the episode and what fans can expect.

"It was on the one hand, it felt like, a long time has passed. On the other hand, it was like no time had passed at all. I thought it was important that we establish that there was some history between these characters. You'll see Bill really be the 'Dollar Bill' that fans know and love," Diamont said.

The special crossover of The Young and the Restless premieres next week on CBS. You can also catch Don on The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS.

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