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As Black History Month draws to a close and we begin Women's History Month, we're focusing our #SeeHer Spotlight on a new film that would equally be representative of both.

Don't Waste Your Pretty follows a group of women as they navigate through the complexities of love, career and family.

Keri Hilson and Deborah Joy Winans checked in with some insight to the film's message which they both felt to be empowering to young girls and women, particularly to women of color.

Keri Hilson began her career as a singer/ songwriter, working with some of the biggest names in R&B and Hip-Hop. She released her first solo effort "In a Perfect World" in 2009. Her extensive work in music video eventually led to feature film, with roles in movies such as "Think Like a Man" and "Almost Christmas." She is active in philanthropic and charitable causes, including support for HIV/AIDS research, the fight against childhood obesity, support for advancing education and suicide prevention in LGBTQ youth.

On her role in "Don't Waste Your Pretty," Keri offered:

"It is my hope that women do find the balance that I found by portraying Mykah Jones, that we really can have it all."

Deborah Joy Winans is an actress and singer. She is a member of the Winans Family, so music runs deep in her bloodline. She is best known for her work in Oprah Winfrey's Greenleaf. Deborah is actively involved with the WV Foundation, an organization founded by her husband, attorney Terrence Williams. The Foundation offers mentoring, scholarships and other services to at-risk youth in the Muskegon, MI community.

Taking her role of Jeanné to heart, Deborah affirmed:

"My prayer's always been, Lord, let me be a light and someone that young women can look to and see and say,
'Oh I can do that, she did it, so I can do it."

A perfect segue from Black History Month into Women's History Month, Don't Waste Your Pretty premieres tonight on TVOne.

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