Drew Barrymore

Actress Drew Barrymore has surprised us with unexpected news: a brand new lifestyle magazine. Check out everything we know!

In the last year, Barrymore has quitted acting, focusing on her CBS talkshow The Drew Barrymore Show, but now another dream is finally coming true for her.

DREW, the brand new lifestyle magazine will be available for everyone from June 2021, covering a variety of topics: from food, to fashion, to travel, etc.

As the actress joyfully shared on her Instagram post:

"Every glossy page will include the people, places and things I love most... Truly the best from me to you."

It'll be available first at Walmart and then on US newsstands. The striking element of the magazine, published by Bauer Media Group, is the intimacy the actress shares with her readers.

While we wait for DREW, it's clear that Barrymore is making a further step into the life she wants for herself, and we can only applaud her for that.

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