Drew Barrymore


Santa Clarita Diet might be the last we see of Drew Barrymore on the big screen for a while!

The actress and talk show host called into SirisXM's Andy Cohen Live Wednesday and left everything she though on the table. They talked The Drew Barrymore Show renewal situation, her not wanting to return to acting and even her relationship with David Letterman after her birthday surprise.

Andy Cohen had asked Barrymore if she thinks she will ever return to acting and she admitted it doesn't look like it will be in her future right now.

"If I'm being honest, the answer is no, I don't want to be on a film set right now, but that could change when my kids are older," Barrymore said.

The Charlies Angels star shares two kids, Olive, 8 and Frankie, 6, with her ex-husband Will Koelman.

"I stopped doing these when my kids were born, because I've done it since I was in diapers at 11 months old," she said.

So putting the behind her for a little while was no problem for her, to focus on raising her kids and her talk show.

Although, after having kids Barrymore has starred in a Netflix series called Santa Clarita Diet right, which she claims saved her. The show had gone on for three seasons from 2017 to 2019.

"I got to play this woman who gets to eat people and it was exactly how I felt. And it was just perfect and it was comedy and it was delicious and it was fun and it was irreverent and I couldn't have loved it more," she said explaining her role. "It really saved me."

She explained that her biggest reasons for joining the show was because she was "so knee deep in mothering" her kids she had forgotten that she was "an individual with a skill set."

She then goes on to describe her birthday surprise from David Letterman when he came onto her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. Letterman and Barrymore have been friends for a while now as she had appeared on his show 15 or 18 times she explained.

"First of all, right now, as you know, anyone coming anywhere is just so extraordinary and difficult. So when he walked out in person, I just thought, how has he even pulled this off," she said to Cohan.

Utterly surprised, Barrymore broke into tears after he played a zoom prank on her during her birthday surprise show and ended up walking out in person. Barrymore said how she had always done what she can for him on his shows, making her appearances and just being his friend. He wanted to show up for her.

"Him showing up for me, I don't even know how to express in words how deep and meaningful that is for me. It's an epic thing," she said. "What I have with him. I did not know there was that much reciprocity there."

And while that surprise was on her talk show, that rose the question of will The Drew Barrymore Show be renewed for another season?

"I am so happy to report on your show, Andy, that I don't know anything. An exclusive I'm in purgatory and they won't give us a definitive answer," she answered.

The show aired this September 2020 on CBS and is all about human-interest stories, celebrity guests and her contagious humor.

She explains that it is her "greatest wish" for the show to come back, but it is not as important as her kids and her friends and family "being happy and healthy."

"I've invested so much into this the last two years," she said. "There's so much work that goes in and if it looks effortless, then it's such a funny joke because it's so efforted."

She continued saying that it takes time to learn how to run a show and what all goes into producing it. It has taken her two years to make, so she just "wants it to pay off."

Cohen, who is a seasoned talk show host, agreed saying, "you cant judge a show in the first month, it's a real living organism that you're constantly changing."

So for now, Barrymore will focus on her talk show and put acting on the back burner.

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