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From tigers to babies... Ed's favorite scene will shock fans!

Ed Helms is known for quite a few hilarious projects throughout the years, including The Office and The Hangover series.

Now, the star is keeping the laughs coming on season two of his Peacock show Rutherford Falls.

"We wrote ourselves into a corner at the end of season one. Season one is this really fun, huge trainwreck," Helms said.

"There's an increase in the romance on the show in the second season. There's some really hilarious physical comedy coming from both of them. Just native excellence all over the place on this show," Jana Schmieding said.

Since Celebrity Page TV is based in Las Vegas, we had to ask Helms if any particular scene from The Hangover still sticks with the actor today.

"Being on the roof of Caesars Palace at night above The Strip... it just was really cool and magical. I'm sure you can't sneak onto the roof of Caesars Palace, but if you could, that would be something I would be really excited to do in real life."

Rutherford Falls is streaming now on Peacock.

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