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Rachel Smith spoke with the stars of the newest comedy film Together Together to get more insight on what the unconventional story is really all about.

Ed Helms (The Office, The Hangover) plays Matt, a single middle-aged guy who wants a child. He hires loner Anna (Patti Harrison) to become his surrogate.

Helms spoke with Rachel Smith about what it's like to play such a unique character that's still funny yet refreshing to see onscreen:

"I mean, these are the reasons I wanted to do this role and do this movie. It was a story that I hadn't seen before, and it was a type of character and a type of tone in this movie that I don't get to play in very often, and so that was both terrifying and a challenge that I was so excited to jump into."

Patti Harrison also spoke to the uniqueness of her character and her excitement to be apart of this movie:

"There's so much restraint and it feels so real. There's a lot of like naturalistic qualities to the writing, a lot of the stuff I had done before that was really like wacky, comedy... We did work really hard to kind of nail like a nice, like, grounded space."

Don't miss this unconventional and heartwarming story, Together Together is in theaters now!

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