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The children's book series turned TV series The Magic School Bus is finally getting a live-action hybrid adaptation! The cherished Ms. Frizzle will be played by actress and producer Elizabeth Banks.

Scholastic Entertainment is developing the film along with Universal Pictures. The production team includes Marc Platt Productions and Elizabeth Banks' own team, Brownstone Productions. Brownstone was founded by Banks and is known for the Pitch Perfect movies. Brownstone's Alison Small will EP the project. Along with playing her role as the eccentric teacher Ms. Frizzle, Banks will produce with her Brownstone partner Max Handelman as well as with Marc Platt, Adam Siegel, and Scholastic Entertainment's Iole Lucchese and Caitlin Friedman.

With this film, Lucchese hopes to excite and educate the next generation of learners, saying:

"We are delighted to bring to life the iconic Ms. Frizzle and her zest for knowledge and adventure in a fresh new way that inspires the next generation of kids to explore science and supports the dedicated teachers who help make science real and accessible for young learners every day."

A Series Loved By Many


The Magic School Bus originally started as a children's book series written by Joanna Cole in 1985 after Scholastic's senior editorial director Craig Walker wanted to start a series that was a mix of science and fictional stories. The series later got picked up as an animated TV show to air on PBS in 1994. Along with becoming a video game on top of that, Scholastic is finally taking The Magic School Bus to the silver screen for the first time ever!

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