ELLE Magazine Celebrates Influential Women in Music for 2019.

ELLE is celebrating women in music for their October 2019 issue. Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, and Lizzo are being honored with three of their own respective covers for the month. These three artists are being praised for their unique styles of music and their rise to the top of the industry.

Lizzo had a massive breakout in 2019, from creating a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with Truth Hurts to seizing a role in the new film Hustlers. The star never ceases to preach the importance of loving yourself for who you are.

Lizzo summarizes the significance of self-love:

“I take self-love very seriously. And I take it very seriously because when I was younger I wanted to change everything about myself. My self-hatred got so bad that I was fantasizing about being other people. But you can’t live your life trying to be someone else. What’s the point?”

Lizzo graces the ELLE October cover. PC: ELLE

ELLE also highlights Billie Eilish’s explosive rise to fame with more than 15 billion streams, four sold out tours, nine MTV video award nominations, and a win for Best New Artist.

Eilish opens up about her journey:

“Two years ago, I felt like nothing mattered; every single thing was pointless. Not just in my life, but everything in the world. I was fully clinically depressed. It’s insane to look back and not be anymore.”

Billie Eilish graces the ELLE October cover. PC: ELLE

Camila Cabello, with hit songs like Havana and Señorita, has certainly kept moving up in her career.

Cabello shares how she has grown to be an artist who is not afraid to speak her mind:

“No matter who the person is or how much I want to impress them, I’m not going to let that rule how I act, how open I am, or what my opinion is, I’m just going to be myself. I listen to my gut that’s all I can do.”

Camila Cabello graces the ELLE October cover. PC: ELLE

For more on these groundbreaking women, you can check out ELLE’s October 2019 issue!

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