Esera Tuaolo on Inclusion Party & More

Esera Tuaolo's fourth annual inclusion panel and party is right around the corner!

The LGBTQ activist, former pro football player and The Voice alum is gearing up for the big event, taking place this weekend, in celebration of the Super Bowl.

Tuaolo chatted with our Stephen Walker all about it. He said:

"Normally, we follow the Super Bowl, and we do it in the host city. But this year, because of Covid, we' are doing it virtually.

The event will consist of two parts: A thought-provoking panel and a party with a DJ and performers.

Tuaolo said:

"...February 5th, we're having the panel, where we're bring in panelists from around the country, to talk on diversity inclusion, racial diversity, transphobia and a whole lot more. I'm super excited about that. And then also the party is on February 6th, where we're going to be raising money for anti-bullying programs, also inclusion and diversity organizations."

Tuaolo has made it his mission to decrease hate and bullying. He even created his own non-profit called 'Hate Is Wrong."

He said:

"I decided to be a part of the change, and that's what I've been dedicating my life to. Hate in any form is wrong."

But as a once closeted professional athlete, his journey to living an authentic life wasn't always easy.

Tuaolo said:

"...When you're living in the closet for 35 years, and all you've seen is majority of negative things, there's always that scary part. But I tell you what, the support from the LGBTQ community, the support from the sports community and from people, have been tremendous."

You can attend Tuaolo's inclusion party February 6th, starting at 8 pm ET. For more information, visit

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