Soap Opera Stars Tell Us What Fathers Day Means To Them | Celebrity Page

In this week's Soap Opera Digest segment, Stephanie Sloane is telling viewers all about their favorite daytime stars and what being a father means to them.

Thorsten Kaye

When asked about what the most challenging part of fatherhood is, The Bold and the Beautiful's Thorsten Kaye shared with Stephanie:

"Knowing I'm going to have to send my two daughters into the world someday."

Galen Gering

Galen Gering of Days of our Lives also spoke with Sloane about what his favorite part of fatherhood is. He shared:

"The special connected moments that you have as a father that nothing else can substitute for."

He also spoke about what his favorite activity to do with his son is:

"Snowboarding, playing music, watching movies and eating popcorn, and helping with math homework."

Wally Kurth

Wally Kurth from General Hospital mentioned what his favorite part of fatherhood is, as well as what he finds most challenging. He shared with Sloane:

"My favorite part is making them smile. The most challenging is guiding them without directing them."

Doug Davidson

Doug Davidson from The Young and the Restless gave Sloane some intel on what the ideal Fathers Day gift would be. He said:

"To be with my kids. My daughter lives in London and my son lives in New York City. Be careful what you wish for. We gave them a taste of the world and they liked how it tasted."

Fans also got to take a look at some of their favorite soap opera dads of all time. Don Diamont chose his alter ego, Bill, from The Bold and The Beautiful. He says:

"Bill may never be named 'Father of the Year' but it is clear that he loves his sons and he loves his family."

Young and Restless' Brytone James says that his favorite soap opera dad was Neil Winters, who was played by the late Kristoff St.John. He says:

"Kristoff guided me and treated me like family does.

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