She's done it again. After posting a picture with the caption "not much going on," so much has happened since then. Taylor Swift released folklore just 11 months after her album Lover. Some are calling folklore Taylor Swift's artistic masterpiece and the best album of her career. However, some would say it leaves listeners looking for more.

Bops vs flops

It wouldn't be an album review without some bops or flops. To start, "betty", "invisible string" and "the last great american dynasty" are must listens. Fans are obsessed with Swift's life, so when they think of her experimenting with a girl at 17 in "betty", it comes as a total shock. Some are speculating that the song could be about close friend Karlie Kloss whose middle name is Elizabeth, aka Betty. Next, the upbeat indie beat of "the last great american dynasty" is more fun and it tells the history of the family who owned her house in Rhode Island. Third, "invisible string" is ranked high because the ballad gives off a strong first dance wedding song vibe.

Major themes and comparison to other albums

The album deviates from Swift's past albums because instead of country, pop, or dance, folklore is 16 songs of indie folk music. There is no stand out song to dance to, but instead provides a peaceful tone with great melodies and lyrics. Many compare it to her album Red but now she sees her conflicts not as sources of anger, but of peace. Themes present are infidelity, introspection and maturity. Swift has shown grace and although it's not as fun as Lover or passionate as Reputation or even heartfelt like Speak Now, it offers something new - hope.

The stans strike again 

Every song on folklore feels like a story with much more depth than the boy-meets-girl story. There are many fan theories, as Taylor Swift likes to leave easter eggs. On her Youtube, Taylor announced that there is a teenage love story told from three perspectives, so many think it's "betty", "cardigan" and "august". With that, since James and Inez are the characters in the song, which are the names of friends Ryan Reynold's and Blake Lively's daughters. Many are speculating that Betty could be the name of their next child.

Literary Allusions

Many think that Swift chose the album title folklore because it can be either traditional customs preserved among a community, like stories, legends and songs or a belief that is widely believed with no evidence, which relates to Swift's career. There is speculation that "invisible strings" and "mad woman" are references to Jane Eyre. Although the album is slow and a different direction for Swift, the stories told and lyrics make up for it entirely. The message of the album is to find peace, no matter what.

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