Bob's Burgers


Despite the ongoing pandemic, our favorite animated shows will return this September!

The Simpsons

The Simpsons


America's favorite family will return for it's 32nd season on September 27th! It will keep its usual time slot of 8 PM EST. The longest running American animated show has no signs of slowing down.

Bob's Burgers

The Belchers are back for another season!. Season 11 of Bob's Burgers will premiere on September 27th at 9 PM EST. The show is, one of FOX's most popular. The show is so popular in fact, that a movie is in development.

Family Guy

One of the longest running American animated shows is back! Family Guy will return on September 27th at 9:30 PM EST.

Bless the Harts

Rounding out the line-up is FOX's newest show, Bless The Harts. The comedy has made critics and audiences laugh through its smart humor.

With this line-up, FOX is a must watch channel every Sunday!

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Teddi Mellencamp


Teddi Mellencamp will reportedly not be appearing on upcoming seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Beginning with season 8, Mellencamp has been a regular member of the RHOBH cast. The finale of season 10 recently aired, leaving fans waiting for filming to begin again. According to an exclusive source with, Mellencamp will not be returning.

The anonymous source, who was listed as a "production insider," told Daily Mail that the RHOBH producers found Teddi Mellencamp to be "boring and stale." They also noted that the other cast members do not particularly like her.

The insider said:

"She is boring and stale and does not offer anything to the franchise with her robotic and staged delivery when interacting with the other cast members."

Mellencamp was reportedly almost cut last season but the producers decided to give her a second chance. At this point in time, the decision seems final.

Bravo has yet to comment about the casting decision.


FX released a brand new trailer for Black Narcissus, a three-part mini series airing in one night.