Fred Armisen Shows Off His Best Zoom Impressions

Dynamic duo Jimmy Fallon and Fred Armisen were on fire, even through a Zoom call. Having been long time friends, the two immediately bounced jokes off of each other in the most awkward interview that we never knew we needed.

Fred Armisen


To promote the new Showtime comedy Moonbase 8, Armisen joined Fallon virtually for Thursday night's Tonight Show. After minutes of the two going comedically back and forth of how Fallon should conduct his interview and talks of Dave Chappelle crashing the interview, they began talking about common Zoom tactics.

Throughout quarantine, Armisen had mentioned how he's had the time to perfect these impressions and shared them with Fallon. He began with the "A Guy Who Is Pretending to Listen, But You Can Tell in His Face Expression That He's Only Concerned With His Look That He's Listening" and proceeds with an excessive concerned nod. He then moved on with the "When There's a Work Zoom Meeting and the Person Leading the Meeting Has a Tone Where They're Excited But They Don't Let the Volume Go Up" and went on a spiel that was hilariously monotone, resulting in Fallon doing his own impersonation of it. Armisen ended out his impressions by doing the "People Ironically Talking About the Art Behind Him Like They're in Someone Else's House" concluding with Armisen saying:

"Yeah I don't know what this is, it's sort of Miami Vice like- nightmare, dolphin, there's like a purple whale. I don't even know."

You can watch Armisen in Moobase 8 on Showtime this fall.

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