George Clooney

With the pandemic continuing to permeate, many people are searching for alternative measures of cutting their hair. George Clooney may have some helpful tips. The star implemented his own effective hair-cutting strategy well before the start of COVID-19, dating all the way back to the late 1980s.

On Sunday, the actor revealed how he cuts his own hair when visiting CBS Sunday Morning.

"My hair is really like straw. It's easy to cut. I can't really make many mistakes."

Clooney revealed that he purchased a Flowbee many years ago which serves as a vacuum cleaner that also cuts hair. The device is a cleaner alternative to getting a haircut as it clips the hair while the vacuum removes the clippings.

Interviewer Tracy Smith was quick to react to his proclamation, stating:

"You did not!"

The star takes great pride in his device, admitting he still has it.

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Bernie Sanders

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