Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey


Season two of the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia (2021-), following the lives of a single mother and her two children, has recently been confirmed.

Season Two Announcement

The cast of Ginny & Georgia took to Instagram to announce their return for a second season. Premiering February 24, 2021, the series racked in more than 52 million viewers during its first 28 days.

Season two will consist of 10 hour-long episodes coming from quite the cliffhanging season one finale.

A Show For All

At its heart, Ginny & Georgia is about a mother and her daughter navigating the twists and bumps life has to offer together. Playing mother Georgia, Brianne Howey sat down with Celebrity Page TV describing the series as an edgier Gilmore Girls (2000-2007).

"We love the Gilmore Girls. I grew up watching it. I grew up with a young, single mom. We always compared ourselves to them, but pretty quickly I think the audience will feel that totally 'Ginny & Georgia' is different and the messaging is different and it's a lot edgier."

Playing Howey's daughter, Antonia Gentry added the series is for all generations of women and families.

"Our show really kind of unites multiple generations together and it's a show about women, yes, but young women, you know? Mothers, grandmothers, it's that whole family dynamic and it's just such an insightful show and it's fun and I think everyone will have something to enjoy for sure."

Season one of Ginny & Georgia is available for view on Netflix now.

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