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You haven't seen the last of Brianna Hanson.

Though Netflix's hit original series "Grace and Frankie" is coming to an end, that doesn't mean fans have to say goodbye to everyone! June Diane Raphael, who plays Brianna, daughter of Jane Fonda's Grace, has confirmed she and the show's co-creator, Howard Morris, are in the process of writing a spin-off series.

The spin-off has reportedly been in the works since the height of the pandemic. Raphael sees the opportunity to expand on Brianna, who she describes as "unapologetically powerful." She says that the new show will explore "what it means to be a middle-aged woman without children or a husband," adding,

"We spent months, honestly, just talking through the idea that women's currency is devalued to our culture as we get older, and a lot of times it's the opposite for men. And we talked about what Brianna is potentially losing and gaining as she ages alone, and how a woman who is alone can create a deep fear in so many people."

While Raphael is a mother, she understands "there's still a stigma around women who do not have kids and it brings up a lot for people." Her goal is to redefine how Brianna and women like her are viewed, as she elaborates,

"I connect to roles that portray women in ways where they don't have to be so likable and acceptable. There's such a long way to go in terms of the ways in which we're comfortable seeing women and hearing their stories and seeing them in their full humanity and complexity and anger and rage and sadness and humor and wrongness—all the ways women show up. That's what I find in my own life, that the women in it are so interesting, complicated, hilarious, insane, all of the stuff."

Netflix has not yet greenlit the series, but Raphael says the streaming service asked them to write a script, meaning there's hope for fans who want to see more of the Hanson family.

Until then, part two of the final "Grace and Frankie" season drops on Netflix April 29!

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