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This season, networks are bringing diversity to the holidays!

'Happiest Season' On Hulu 🌈

Hulu is bringing LGBTQIA+ representation to the forefront on their new film.

Happiest Season stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as a lesbian couple, Abby and Harper.

The movie follows the couple as they venture out to see Harper's family for Christmas. However, things take an awkward turn when the family doesn't realize Harper family is gay. Dan Levy from Schitt's Creek also stars in this diverse holiday flick as Abby's hilarious gay best friend.

We spoke to Burl Moseley who also stars in this holiday film about its representation.

"I love when the media I consume and the media I watch and everything that's out there, when I actually look at it and I can actually look at the world that I live in and they look similar."

That's what representation is all about, giving all parts of our society its time on screen so that it mirrors real life. Happiest Season premieres November 25th on Hulu.

Lifetime is another movie platform that is breaking barriers. This holiday season, the network is releasing a slew of original content centered around Black, Latinx and Asian families.

'Feliz NaviDAD' On Lifetime ❄️

Feliz NaviDAD is the latest original movie to put diversity on the small screen.

The original movie stars Mario Lopez, AnnaLynne McCord and Paulina Chávez. Lopez plays a single Latino dad still mourning the loss of his late wife, but stumbles into a date with AnnaLynne McCord after downloading a dating app.

McCord hopped on Zoom to tell us all about her new film.

"They're like pretending to date. We'll brush up on our dating skills with each other and they have this little interesting dichotomy where they're not going to fall in love."

The actress also praised the growing representation on Lifetime. She said:

"To have a little child, you know, watching a show and see themself... like that's what it's supposed to be about."

Feliz NaviDAD premieres Saturday, November 21st on Lifetime.

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