Henry Winkler Updates Fans On Production Status For 'Barry' & Releases New Children's Book | CPTV

Today is a special day, because it's the day we celebrate Henry Winkler's arrival on this planet.

The Emmy award winning, national treasure, turns 75 today!

Most of us fell in love with Henry as the Fonz on Happy Days. But, he's never stopped working. As an actor, producer, director and author he's impacted millions of lives through his work.

He just recently finished his latest book for kids, Alien Superstar: Lights Camera, Danger! As you'll hear in our interview (above) the book is full of subtext to teach kids about everything from bullying to body image to friendship.

Of course we also had to wish Henry a happy birthday during our interview, to which he responded:

"I'm going to be 75, it's so hard to think of that. Because inside I'm 27. But my knees are 74."

So let's spend today catching up on reruns of Happy Days and Barry, or reading one of Henry's many books. Or better yet, do what Henry really wants us to do (if you follow him on Twitter you know): VOTE!

Happy Birthday Henry! You'll always be 27 to us!

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