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Hilarie Burton shared an emotional post to Instagram, calling out the Supreme Court following their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

The post featured a picture of the "One Tree Hill" actress' four year old daughter, George, playing outside with a shovel. Burton spoke on her history of trying to conceive a child, which hasn't been easy. In her caption, the actress recounted the "multiple miscarriages" she had prior to George's birth that left her traumatized. She writes:

"Having an abortion after my fetus died allowed for my uterus to heal in a way that made it healthy enough to carry future pregnancies."

Burton continued, saying only one thing could have made "that painful day even worse."

"If abortion had been illegal, and law enforcement inspected my body to make sure I hadn’t caused my own miscarriage. Cause that’s what’s coming. It’s already happened."

She continues with a warning to women everywhere saying:

"Your miscarriage will make you a murder suspect. I can’t say this clearly enough or shout it loud enough."

Women have, in the past, been charged with manslaughter after the death of their children due to miscarrying. According to the National Library of Medicine, "The terms miscarriage and abortion are used interchangeably."

"The term abortion refers to a termination of a pregnancy either natural or induced. There are several terms that describe different states of pregnancy loss."

The BBC reported in 2021, that US women were being jailed for miscarrying children in states where the procedure was illegal. Burton credits the procedure for why George is with her today. She concludes with calling out the Supreme Court:

"So f--k you very much to the Supreme Court. And f--k you to the ignorant right wing extremists who want my daughter to have fewer rights than what I was born with. #wewillnotgoback."

Burton also shares a 12-year-old son named Augustus with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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