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Hot Chelle Rae broke into the music scene with smash hits back in 2011, but it's their hot new tracks that are going viral!

Who's ready to bop?

After a tough year for entertainment, Hot Chelle Rae dropping not just one, but two new songs!

The band just released bangers "Come My Way" and "Do The Damn Thing" just in time for summer.

"'Do The Damn Thing' couldn't have been cued up for a better time, when things are starting to open back up. It's definitely a nod to what everyone misses the most, which is, having an impromptu party," Nash Overstreet said.
"It just turned out to be something that we were thankful enough to put out, when everybody's hopefully getting vaccinated," Ryan Follesé said.

"The idea of getting out and seeing fans again and just really traveling again, touring the country, is extremely exciting," Jamie Follesé said.

You can check out the band's new music, including "Come My Way" and "Do The Damn Thing" everywhere now.

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