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It's been a man's game and while women continue to make strides, Marina Franklin and Rachel Feinstein believe there's still work to be done and they are up to the task...

"It's time to give a voice to what we do and to give a background to the struggles that we've had." - Marina Franklin

Comedy is hard. Stand-up comedy is a craft. It takes a unique set of skills to get up in front of an audience and connect on a level that will resonate with the room and deliver the goods on a nightly basis. While stand-up has primarily been a male dominated art form, more female comedians are getting in the game having to work harder than their male counterparts to have their voices heard. Despite the advances women have made and continue to make, they still face sexism and discrimination.

The new documentary feature from F/X on Hulu, "Hysterical," takes a look at the ground breaking women of stand up. Going behind the scenes, viewers are given an insider's perspective of the struggle and the commonality shared by these women who represent the vanguard in the struggle to achieve equality with their male peers.

Celebrity Page's #SeeHER Spotlight caught up with two of the funny ladies, Marina Franklin and Rachel Feinstein, who talked about their experience and how they challenge themselves to navigate the obstacles they face as women in the world of comedy.

"Hysterical" is available for streaming now on F/X on Hulu.

Hysterical | Official Trailer [HD] | FX

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