The highly anticipated film has released a new trailer for the musical In The Heights! and is prepared to hit theaters and HBO Max on June 18th.

The film is a musical type movie based on the 2007 Tony-winning stage musical, In The Heights by Hamilton's Lin Manuel-Miranda. It is a story about the Latino community that takes place in Washington Heights, New York. It involves a bodega owner who ends up having mixed feelings about his store closing and having to retire and move to the Dominican Republic after gaining all of his grandmothers inheritance.

Big names like Anthony Ramos (Usnavi) and Leslie Grace (Nina) are set be the main characters of the film. The director of Crazy Rich Asains put his magic to use on this film working off a screenplay from the musicals original playwright as well as Mirandas original music and lyrics.

The premiere of this film was originally supposed to be last June 2020 but since the global pandemic has taken over the world, it was postponed.

Making a masterpiece like this takes a long time, a decade long time. The film had originally been planned with Universal, but that fell through in 2011. Then after Lin Manuel-Miranda's rocketing success from Hamilton, the film was picked back up by Weinstein Company in 2016. But, with the downfall of companies issues throughout the years, Warner Bros. had taken the film once and for all bringing it to our screens this June.

If you loved Hamilton, this film set to air June 18th, 2021 is said not to disappoint then!

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