BoJack Horseman Red Carpet

It may be animated, but BoJack Horseman should not be confused for a kids show! The acclaimed Netflix series tackles adult subject matter in ways that live action can't duplicate, and we spoke with its cast on the red carpet for season five's premiere.

Aaron Paul tried to explain fans’ feelings toward a show about a literal horse-man's struggle with depression.

“I think when we first premiered people weren’t really should what they should be feeling. They’re like ‘Why am I sad?’, but then they’re like ‘Oh, that’s what this show is about.’” - Aaron Paul

While animation can allow actors to play fanciful characters that are far-removed from reality, Paul F. Tompkins explained how the dog that he voices is actually a version of himself, complete with his own voice.

Naturally, the process of bringing an animated series to life is very different from a live action production, which Alison Brie explained. Ultimately, as a fan and a participant, she is always surprised at the end result when it hits the screen.

Season 5 of BoJack Horseman is not streaming on Netflix.

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