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STARZ is ready to unveil its new drama series P-Valley. Stars Nicco Annan and Brandee Evans give us a sneak peek at what to expect!

P-Valley is the hot new show of the summer. It follows the lives of dancers at a Mississippi Delta strip club. Nicco Annan, who plays Uncle Clifford, tells us what to expect:

"You see this group of people that are like a family. A group of friends that have become family and it happens to take place in my club which is called 'The Pynk".

Brandee Evans, who plays Mercedes, the star dancer at the club, also says:

"Mercedes is very complex. She's an emotional gangster. You're going to see Mercedes go through a bunch of trial tribulations of trying to get what she wants and what all of these women I will say in the world that are doing this profession, wants something else."

Every episode of P-Valley is directed by a woman and choreographed by professional dancers. Evans adds:

"They were right there you know, helping us along the way to make sure that we're authentic to what their world is."

P-Valley premieres July 12 at 9 p.m. ET on STARZ.

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