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Hulu has done it again! The hit Canadian sitcom, Jann, has been imported to America via the streaming platform and our Sonia Isabelle is chatting with Jann Arden on the exciting release.

Jann Arden's Latest Project 📺

Fans of Schitt's Creek have already received a taste of Jann Arden's humor!

The star worked as a producer on the hilarious show, but she's now starring in her own sitcom on Hulu.

Jann Arden plays an imaginary version of a herself in Jann, which is a singer that can't accept the downfall of her career.

Arden opened up on the the premise of the humorous show:

"We're dropping into this situation where I have a manager that is trying to resurrect a really great career that I used to have," Arden said.

But the singer wants to clarify that humor is in everything! Having knowledge of Canada is not a pre-requisite to enjoy the comedy.

"There's tons of comedy and I always want to say people: you do not have to know everything about Canada, you don't have to know Canadian pop culture, nor any of that to appreciate the jokes and the fun we have in the show."

Plus, Arden's positive that fans will have a special bond with the characters as well.

"I think everyone will find a character that is kind of representative of themselves."

Reaching an American audience is also something that Arden's proud of and she couldn't contain the excitement!

"I feel like it's Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, May Day, President's Day, 4th of July: all of them!"

To live the same thrill, tune in on Hulu for seasons one and two of Jann.

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