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Though no stranger to the SNL stage, Jason Sudeikis had quite an exciting Saturday night hosting the show for his first time. Jason Sudeikis returned back to his roots and reclaimed his stage on this past weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live.

Kicking off the night with his opening monologue, Sudeikis was pretty transparent about what his life has been like since leaving the show. After catching up on his previous drug use and new kids, Sudeikis announced his most important life update--his role in Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso. Sudeikis joked about how he was surprised over the show's success saying 'It's built around two things Americans hate, soccer and kindness!"

Also poking fun at his own return as an SNL veteran, Sudeikis gave some pretty great advice for the current SNL cast about finding future job prospects. He told them it's pretty simple, "Just win an Emmy". Sudeikis closed off his monologue by reminiscing about all the comedy heroes and musical performers who have graced the SNL stage.

Commencing the show with the first skit of the night, Sudeikis played Mr. Teacher, shockingly, a science teacher trying to educate his students about some pretty straight forward astronomy. Mr. Teacher called upon his two junior volunteers, played by Cecily Strong and Mikey Day, who frustratingly don't find science to be all that straightforward. Probably more annoyed than the audience, Mr. Teacher asks one of the volunteers if they're 'okay emotionally', followed by him calling out the student's parents, played by Kyle Mooney and Melissa Villasenor.

One of the standout skits from the night, Sudeikis swtiched gears to play 'Mellen', the 'male Ellen' with "all the daytime fun energy of Ellen with a hard masculine edge". From 'nut punching' one Mellen audience member to dumping a huge pot of pasta sauce on his chef guest, this skit perfectly poked fun at the toxic masculinity greater-society has grown to know all too well. Mellen also guest-starred Kyrie Irving, played by Chris Redd, who was surprised Ellen-style with a vaccine shot straight to his neck.

Taking another jab at bro culture, SNL earned some more belly laughs from this pre-taped skit. Alex Moffat and Chris Redd stole the show for this one, advertising the latest premium non-stick underwear. Protecting from manly mistakes, this underwear makes sure accidents "slide right off".

Brandi Carlile was the musical guest of the night, performing her two songs "Broken Horses" and "Right on Time". Both songs come from her new album, In These Silent Days, which is also the name of her memoir. "Dark Horses" boasted some high-energy and spunky beats, whereas "Right on Time" slowed things down for a much more mellow pace.

Now for everybody's favorite part of the night, this Saturday's Weekend Update with Michael Che and Colin Jost garnered some big laughs. Noting that this episode is the one right before Halloween, Jost joked that the new Ye mask is a little too comparable to Steve Bannon. Che also cracked a harsh one at Trump, poking fun at his new social media site. Sudeikis made his reappearance as the devil, joking about the Astros making it to the World Series, sex offenders, vaping, and Tom Brady.

Throwing it back to a classic SNL favorite, Kenan Thompson was back as Deandre Cole with "What's Up With That?", but this time, Halloween edition. Oscar isaac, Emily Ratajkowski, and Nicholas Braun all made guest appearances, as well as a little cameo from Fred Armisen who was on the saxophone.

Declaration Pitch - SNL

In another standout skit of the night, Sudeikis played Thomas Jefferson alongside the other Founding Fathers as they drafted the Declaration of Independence. As the group continues to dispute over what should be included in the document, one Father, played by Andrew Dismukes, insists that a treasure map cannot be left out.

Rounding out the night with the episode's final sketch, Kenan Thompson plays a 'very, very wealthy man' who comes to aid a couple indebted by their big gamble, played by Sudeikis and Heidi Gardner. As the trio goes back and forth wagering new prices, the very wealthy man doesn't seem to understand how negotiating actually works.

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