New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, often called Jazzfest, has been postponed due to rising cases of Covid-19 in Louisiana.

This is the second cancelation of the festival due to the pandemic. While it historically takes place in April and May, it was called in 2020 and moved to October of this year. However, with a record number of hospitalizations in Louisiana due to the delta variant, the new official dates will be April 29th- May 8th 2022, during their traditional allotted time frame.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival attracts thousands of visitors a year, and is a celebration of indigenous music and culture. Genres such as gospel, R&B, folk, latin, and many others are performed along with traditional and contemporary jazz. It is held at the Fair Grounds Race Course with The Acura Stage acting as its main venue.

The first Jazzfest was held in 1968 and included performers such as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. The lineup for 2021 was supposed to include acts such as The Rolling Stones, Lizzo, Foo Fighters, and Dead and Company.

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