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Need something to do when you're stuck at home? Have no fear, join Jeff Mauro as he shows our Jaymes Vaughan the easy but delicious dishes and recipes!

It's Jeff Mauro's Kitchen And We're All Living In It 

Even though Jeff Mauro is deemed "The Sandwich King" by the food industry, he sure is making progress on projects at home. He gave Vaughan and the viewers at home who have aspirations of cooking one piece of advice:

"Start small. Start with like how to fry a nice egg for your family every morning. A sunnyside up, over easy, omelet - you know, that's one ingredient from a dozen eggs. Start small, and head medium. It's the Mauro way."

One easy meal that you can make at home is the roasted tomato soup. Why is it easy, you ask? It's easy to make since it consists of pretty much everything you already own at home!

All you need is baby carrots, a shallot, roasted red peppers, a can of whole tomatoes - everything you can get at your nearest grocery store.

After gathering all of those ingredients, place them in a sheet pan. Next, blend them all in - voila, you have soup for your family!

Want to take your meal up to the next level? Grab some hamburger buns and a few slices of American cheese so you can invert the buns - and there you have it, an inverted grilled cheese.

And if you want to kick up your soup a notch, put some croutons on top of your soup.

Now doesn't THAT look good? We think so!

How Jeff Mauro Is Helping Out The Community 

Is there anything else that Mauro can't do? Not only does he cook really well, but he also takes some time out of his busy schedule to give back to the community.

When asked by Vaughan on what Mauro is doing to help his community, he says:

"It's actually Chance The Rapper's charity called SocialWorks to help feed children right now who, you know, if they were hungry five weeks ago, you got to think - they're even more hungry now. So, now it's really time to focus on (if you can) to be as charitable as possible, right?"

Stay tuned to The Food Network to keep on cooking, everyone!

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