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There has been a lot of feuding with the season 2 cast of Love is Blind recently. Jessica Batten from season 1 of the show revealed there may still be some feuding among her and the cast of season 1.

Batten is now engaged to Benjamin McGrath. The two got engaged nearly a year after the show premiered. While on the show, Batten had relationships with Mark Cuevas and Matt Barnett. She accepted Cuevas' proposal but ultimately broke it off. After this, tension was high between Batten and Amber Pike, Barnett's fiance from the show. Fans saw this during the reunion 'After the Altar' which was released at the end of July of 2021. Batten was engaged to McGrath at this time but she decided against bringing him to the reunion special.

“I chose to go and I chose to go on my own. I wanted to walk into that room of people, you know, standing on my own two feet, just [saying], ‘I got through this and I’m happy to be here and wish you all well, and I hope there’s no ill will on your part.’ But as you see, it plays out a little bit differently than that,” Batten said.

Batten added that it was strange seeing Pike and Barnett at the reunion and wasn't expecting their reaction toward her.

“I was so far taken aback. I had no idea it was that intense of a situation at all,” Batten said.

She added that the couple was still very hostile to her and hasn't seen or spoken to them since the special.

“It was just strange, you know, I had no clue that that animosity was still lingering,” Batten added.

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