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Jessie J has opened up about her struggles after suffering a miscarriage last year.

The "Price Tag" singer shared that she suffered a miscarriage in November, after trying to get pregnant "on her own."

On 'The Diary Of A CEO' podcast, Jessie revealed that the miscarriage left her feeling incredibly lonely and without "anyone to fall apart on," saying,

"I posted it because I didn't have anyone to break on… I didn't have anyone to fall apart on, and that's what I needed. That's what I wanted. 'I was by myself. I had no one advising me. My mum and my sister weren't there to go, "no, don't share this with the world. Make it real for you first.'"

She explained that she woke up one morning feeling that something wasn't right.

'I' had two scans on the same day, and within the first and second scans, the baby had passed,'" she said.

A doctor warned the artist that the baby's heartbeat was "very low," but it was sadly too late when she'd sought advice from a second medical professional.

Jessie confessed her immediate thoughts turned to, "how am I going to get through tomorrow's show?" rather than what had happened.

"The hardest part for me wasn't doing the show, the show was actually kind of a weird trippy dream, and I was actually grateful that I wasn't by myself, and loads of people that I loved turned up."

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