Spotlight: Jilllian Michaels

From her revolutionary workouts to her dramatic transformations, Jillian Michaels has been making a major impact on the fitness industry for decades.

Michaels has primed a generation for healthy living with an empire that goes beyond television, with DVDs, videos games, best-selling books, and an expansive social media following.

As an eight-time NY Times bestselling author, the fitness expert has not just inspired people around the world, but given them the secrets to changing their lives for the better.

“How the hell does J.Lo look like J.Lo at 49? I wanted to know, and I found answers."

Her latest novel, The 6 Keys, continues that tradition with tips, insights, and best practices toward being your best at any age. 

“It’s not about being afraid to age. It’s about aging really, really well.”

Michaels' desire to improve the lives of others' is motivated by the way the world looks upon her and women like her.

“I think that I come from a generation of women that feel like we’ve been thrown away, and accept it — which is so bizarre to me.” 

Regardless of their generation, Michaels hopes that her advice will help people look and feel vital on the inside and outside in their 40s, 50s, 60s, or any age.

“This book is about really taking control of your life, and looking and feeling your best for decades to come.”

#MondayMotivation -- All the Time

Thanks to social media, Jillian Michaels has an unlimited, 24/7 platform to promote a healthy lifestyle, share work out videos, and motivate fans worldwide.

Decades in the making, Michaels was candid about challenges, time, and effort it took for her to become a brand.

“It was a very specific, focused, deliberate journey that made a couple of wrong turns along the way, but, nevertheless, I think we did okay.”

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