Joe Biden


Following a CT scan and some attention from medical professionals, Joe Biden has been confirmed to have suffered from "hairline fractures" to his ankle. The injury came about while the President-elect was playing with one of his dogs.

The rescue german shepherd is named Major and he will actually become the first rescue dog to live at the White House.

Biden twisted his ankle and briefly fell over the weekend which then turned into him getting x-rays. Initial scans didn't show anything but his doctor revealed further imaging showed small fractures within the "mid-foot" area.

The recovery process will require Biden to wear an ankle boot for a few weeks while his foot recovers.

Joe Biden's dogs have their own Instagram:

Major, Biden's german shepherd, released a statement of his own. His instagram caption said that his dog dad "somehow got his leg caught in that landslide he won by." Joe Biden has two dogs which he will be bringing to the White House. Major and Champ are both german shepherds and can be followed at their official instagram page: @first_dogs_usa

Major will make some major history as the first rescue dog to find a home at the White House. Joe Biden and his wife Jill adopted him from the Delaware Humane Society in 2018.

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