We caught up with John Cho to learn about his latest movie, breaking barriers, and the future of Asian representation in media.

John Cho’s ‘Searching’

Who wouldn’t want to be compared to Liam Neeson in Taken? John Cho graciously accepts this comparison to his character in Searching.

Presented entirely on a computer screen, Cho plays a father who is searching for his missing daughter. He does so by investigating her computer for clues, and learns much more about her than he expected.

Searching can be found in theaters on August 24th.

Asian Representation — Beyond Casting

As the iconic Harold in the Harold and Kumar series, Cho broke barriers as an Asian leading man, despite the fact that he thought the movie might be a hoax until he showed up to find a real movie set.

Years later, he’s moving the goal post and pushing for representation beyond casting. With more Asian writers, directors, and creatives, new stories will be told that go beyond just casting an Asian actor in a role that could be played by anyone.