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Judge Judy is tackling all new cases on her new spin-off series... Judy Justice.

After 25 years of the sassiest comebacks and the wittiest wisecracking, Judge Judy ruled that it's time to venture into streaming entertainment.

Judy Justice is breaking barriers for the judge, bringing in three new cast members to the courtroom to help keep the entertainment going. One of those joining the cast happens to be Judge Judy's own granddaughter, Sarah Rose, who is working as her law clerk in the series.

"There's more action up on the bench now, so she can utilize us to get to the truth a lot quicker, which if you're lying, is not always the best place to be but I think that it makes a new and exciting show where the judge feels more comfortable and has more tools at her disposal, and so I think it's gonna be a great new program. My grandma and I are very close and I do hope that that comes off on screen," Rose said.

Also co-starring alongside Judge Judy is a new stenographer, Whitney Kumar, and new bailiff, Kevin Rasco.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would become Judge Judy's court reporter, so I'm just so grateful and it's been so fun and surreal for me," Kumar said.

"Judge has it all under control and uh, I'm here just to maintain and support our order of the court," Rasco said.

Judy Justice is now streaming on IMDb TV.

Judge Rhonda Wills is also bringing her courtroom to reality TV on the new series... Relative Justice.

"'Relative Justice' is unlike any other court TV because we only deal with families, so everybody's related by blood or marriage or children but they're all related. It's one thing when somebody owes you money, but when the person who owes you money is your mother, that can makes things a little bit trickier," Wills said.

With many family disputes bound to pop up this holiday season, Willis shared her top tips.

"Number one, don't loan your family members money. Just try to have a good time and oftentimes family and business don't mix, so I stay away from doing any business deals with family members at Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the holidays if you want to get along with your family members," Willis said.

Check your local listings to see when Judge Rhonda is in session on Relative Justice.

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