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Although she has now reached legendary status in the acting world, Judi Dench recently shared that her career once suffered severe blows like many others.

In an interview with Times Culture,the Academy Award-winning actress spoke about her early career and ambitions. Originally, Dench wanted to work behind the scenes.

The English actress revealed that she wanted to be a set designer, then later changed her mind to be in front of the camera instead. Upon receiving good news of her acceptance to "The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama," a star was born.

"I just thought I would have a go at getting into Central School of Speech of Drama. And I did. And I do not regret it for a minute."

Despite her massive success in acting, including 12 Golden Globe Award nominations over a 60-year career, Dench still hasn't reached the level of "perfection" that she envisions for herself. She reveals she always strives to do better with each role, never getting too comfortable with her success.

"You can do something that is a success and then for the next thing you could go *rse over t(t. You can’t ever take it for granted, and it’s right that we shouldn’t."

Dench also revealed that in the '60s, during an audition, a director told her she'd "never make a film" because she had "the wrong face." The "Skyfall" star swiftly told the director:

"That’s fine, I don’t like film anyway. I want to go back to the theatre."

She added,

"The thing about film is you do not get another go at it. There are a lot of films of mine that I have never seen and I don’t want to because I would just be irritated."

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