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Since her iconic performance in Disney's "Mary Poppins," actor Julie Andrews has cultivated fans of all ages, including some in her own family.

On Saturday's episode of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," Andrews made an appearance to talk about her new role as the villain in the upcoming children's movie, "Minions: Rise of Gru." Andrews, who has three grandchildren, has a soft spot for roles in family films.

Referencing her past roles, Fallon couldn't help but ask,

"Do your grandchildren realize that their grandmother is Mary Poppins?"

Andrews gave her heartwarming response, revealing that her grandson learned of the movie at a birthday party. She explained,

"Well, now they do. When my grandson was very young, he was about four, I guess, and they were showing 'Mary Poppins' at a birthday party that he went to. When his mother came to pick him up he was standing [inches away from] the television looking terribly puzzled."

Met with laughter from the audience, she shared that after her daughter asked her grandson if he knew who "Mary Poppins" was, he only shook his head. Even after being given hints, he was unable to answer, until...

"And she said, 'Is it maybe Granny Jules?' And he went, 'Oh yes!' He was thrilled. But the best part- The best part was the next day when I went over to the house to see him, he said, 'Hello, Granny Jules'--and it was with such a knowing look--and 'I know what you do.' It was adorable."

Instead of "Mary Poppins," Andrews revealed that the part she is most recognized for among young people is her role in the "Princess Diaries" series. As for if there will ever be a "Princess Diaries 3," Andrews says it's unlikely, but she would be "thrilled" if it were to happen.

Watch the rest of the interview below!

Julie Andrews Talks Princess Diaries 3 and Playing a Villain in Minions: The Rise of Gru www.youtube.com

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