Kaley Cuoco has ditched her character Penny on The Big Bang Theory to become both producer and star in the newest HBO series The Flight Attendant, where she plays a suspect in an international murder mystery.

Cuoco's co-stars include Rosie Perez, Michiel Huisman, Yasha Jackson, Nolan Gerard Funk, and Griffin Matthews.

We all know Kaley Cuoco is hilarious - that's how she grew career into what it is today. So when asked about the show, Kaley Cuoco told NBC:

"It rides a wave of adventure and sadness and obviously there's a brutal murder, but since I can't help but be a little funny here and there, it was definitely written in my voice."

Griffin Matthews is a new face to hit TV screens, and he talked to Celebrity Page about his experience on the show:

"I play Kaley's best friend and I'm digging around to try to figure out what actually happened that night and then all hell breaks loose. I can't tell you all of the secrets of the show, but what I can say is that there's a lot of drama, boys, booze, fashion, there's a lot of things happening on the show. I'm excited for people to see it, I think it's a cool story, I think it's a great cast, I'm excited. We need some joy in this pandemic."

You can watch The Flight Attendant streaming now on HBO Max.

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