Kate Moss Answers 28 Questions From Her Famous Friends And Family | British Vogue

British Vogue recently did their edition of "Ask a Legend" with none other than Kate Moss!

The star was asked questions from some of her most famous friends, including legend, himself, Elton John! Kate shared everything from who made her most starstruck (Frank Sinatra, obviously) to what it was like being friends with David Bowie. Read up to learn more!

Kate Moss took over the fashion world in the '90s, making her mark as one of the most legendary supermodels of all time. She has starred on hundreds of magazine covers, but it wasn't a magazine cover that made her realize her success. She told 'British Vogue:'

"I think when the queen invited my to Buckingham Palace. I thought, wow, I've made it.'"

The model has one of the most posh inner circles, which once included the late rock icon David Bowie. Kate reflected back on her friendship with the musician. She said:

"Q Magazine asked me to interview him. I was with him for like 5 hours… and he was amazing, just so fun. And then after that, we just kind of kept in contact… And now I just feel like he's like a guardian angel, really."

And when asked what time in her life she'd like to revisit, she said--you guess it-- the '90s. Kate shared:

"I think there was a lot of times in the 90s, where I was just a young, free, single— no responsibilities, well, a part from getting to work— other than that, the world was my oyster."
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