Katie Ledecky


One of swimming's all-time greats has continued to finish at the top of her heat in Tokyo, breaking Olympic records and so far winning a silver medal.

Katie Ledecky has repeatedly told interviewers that she competes against herself and her own times rather than other athletes. This may be true in the USA swimmer's mind, however we can't help but compare her to some of the most dominant swimmers to ever be involved in the sport.

Michael Phelps on Katie Ledecky

The most decorated Olympic athlete of all-time has repeatedly called Ledecky the greatest female swimmer of all-time. This is obviously a great honor and holds a lot of truth when it is coming from the swimming legend himself, Michael Phelps. Even besides this, we can just look at Ledecky's wins and see how dominant she truly is and was.

She had never lost a single individual Olympic event until her race yesterday against Australia's Ariarne Titmus in the women's 400m freestyle.

Titmus Beats Out Ledecky For The Gold

The Australian swimmer has been making big strides in recent years and she managed to beat Ledecky on the biggest stage this time. Ledecky finished with her second-fastest time ever for the event, the third-fastest time in history, but it wasn't enough to beat the sport's next rising star.

This was undoubtedly a hard loss for the legend, however she is a total class act and in her post-interview said:

"I'm proud of how I swam, proud of how I got to that point and you know, it's not an easy journey, it's never an easy journey to the podium... It was a tremendous race; it was a thrill to be a part of and I'm sure it was a thrill to watch... It's such an honor to race somebody like Ariarne, and for us to go two really really fast times, you can't be disappointed with silver and yeah. It was just a thrill to be a part of."

Ledecky still has a chance at multiple golds and remains a favorite in those races. You can catch her in the 200m, 800m, and 1500m freestyle events.

Ledecky Breaks Olympic Record

The legend has already bounced back from her 400m freestyle loss by breaking the Olympic record for the 1500m freestyle in her heat. Ledecky is still looking fantastic as she competes against new rising stars and we are watching history in the making at every event.

Ledecky is a 6-time Olympic medalist, 15-time World Championship winner, the most decorated female athlete of the 2016 Rio games, and has broken 14 world records. The star's dominance will not stop after one loss, expect to see some golds and be excited that we get to witness one of swimming's all-time greats this year.

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Get ready Netflix fans! The platform just announced that two of its biggest stars are joining together for their newest movie.

Netflix revealed to TODAY that their latest film project is bringing Joey King, from The Kissing Booth, and Chase Stokes, from Outerbanks, together to play the two lead roles.

The new movie is an adaptation based off of the hit young adult sci-fi series Uglies by Scott Westerfield. Rumors about a film adaptation for the series have been circulating since the first novel's release, so Netflix's announcement comes as quite the pleasant surprise for fans.

Netflix had already teased that King was joining the cast for Uglies, however Stokes' involvement in the production was completely unknown until Tuesday. Along with announcing Stokes as the latest addition to the cast, Brianne Tju, from MTV's Scream, and Keith Powers, from the Freeform drama Famous in Love, will also be joining.

Uglies takes place in a dystopian society where beauty standards are taken to whole new extremes. Instead of getting your driver's permit at 16, teenagers are instead forced to get a complete reconstructive surgery, making them absolutely flawless--but that seems to be the flaw.

King is set to play the main protagonist of the film, Tally Youngblood, who will do literally anything to avoid her surgery. The roles of Stokes, Tju, and Powers still have yet to be released.

Uglies will be directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol, also known as McG, and Krista Vernoff is heading the screenplay adaptation. King will be executive producing the film alongside Jamie King, John Fox, and Scott Westerfield himself.

A premiere date for Uglies has yet to be disclosed.

Kim Kardashian West


It's October 21st, so you know what that means. Kim K's birthday has arrived!