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Time to play... God?

It's a decision many doctors face daily.

In their new film, Kelsey Grammer and Julia Stiles' characters have to choose between three people, who will all die, without a new heart.

When a donor heart is made available, a committee must play "God" and decide which recipient deserves the heart, hence the title, The God Committee.

"It's a sad story, it's a difficult story. It's challenging, but it's an important one," Grammer said.

"This movie is really a love letter to doctors, but also, shows a well-intention but imperfect system," Stiles said.

Colman Domingo also joins the all-star cast and helps the audience decide who should get the live-saving heart.

"I play a priest, Father Dunbar, who is basically an audience's way into this tricky scenario about figuring out who gets an organ. It's populated with interesting characters that are all trying to do the right thing. They just have to unpack their own stuff to get there," Domingo said.

The producer, writer, and director of the film, Austin Stark, was motivated to raise awareness for the need of more organ donors.

"We need more organs. There's 120,000 people on the waiting list right now. I'm hoping that more people will donate and opt in," Stark said.

Stark even started a campaign to promote donor registration, which you can find here.

Catch The God Committee in theaters and on demand now.

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