'The Bradshaw Bunch' & 'Don't Be Tardy' Make A Splash With Reality TV Fans! | Celebrity Page

Here are two famous families you need to keep up with now that the Kardashians have given up reality TV.

'The Bradshaw Bunch' Brings In The Ratings On E! šŸ“ŗ

Terry Bradshaw is a football legend and played in the NFL for 14 seasons, winning four Super Bowls. His whole family, including his three daughters and beautiful wife, are joining the football star on their new reality show.

We spoke to the Terry's first-born daughter, Rachel Bradshaw.

"We are just a funny crazy family and we bring a really different dynamic to E! So, that's what I was really nervous about."

Even during quarantine, the family kept the cameras rolling to document all of the craziness happening on the Bradshaw ranch.

Rachel also told us:

"If I didn't have my family I would probably be a whole different person on camera. We're all so much ourselves. I was really proud of everybody!"

The Bradshaw Bunch has had a solid start with five million viewers watching their premiere episode!

You can watch new episodes Thursday nights on E!

'Don't Be Tardy' Hits The Road On Season 8 šŸš™

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her family are talking a brand new adventure are on the eighth season of Don't Be Tardy.

This season, the family of eight are taking cross-country road trip, visiting cities on every corner of the map!

Kim and her daughter, Brielle Biermann, hopped on Zoom with us to chat all about the up-and-coming season.

Teasing what's to come, Brielle said,

"This season is going to be the best season, best show ever I swear. This was like [Kim's] dream situation because we were all under the same roof. Every night she knew that we were all going to sleep there."

Adding on, Kim said,

"And then there were moments where I would just look back and be like 'Oh my God... all of my kids are here, this is pretty amazing.'"

Don't miss the Biermann's crazy shenanigans this season on Don't Be Tardy Tuesday nights on Bravo.

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