Krispy Kreme

"Be sweet to your community" -- Krispy's Kreme encourages people to be kind to one another during the pandemic and offers a free original glazed doughnut to those who already got the vaccine!

Krispy Kreme's Offer

These are tough times, there's no denying, but Krispy's Kreme has our backs! Starting today, anyone who shows up with their COVID vaccination card will receive a free glazed doughnut. The only way to receive the offer is to show the vaccination record card, which means that vaccination stickers are not accepted.

Krispy's Kreme team clarifies on their website that they won't document personal information that the vaccine card possesses. Another important detail is that the person that holds the vaccination card is the one that receives the offer -- no family member or friend then, can share it with others.

The limit of of the quantity of doughnuts is also mentioned -- one per day, starting today. In order for the offer to be available, you have to physically go into a Krispy's Kreme store: hence, it is not available online. However, it is valid at every single shop in the US.

We're very grateful that Krispy's Kreme has created this sweet offer. It's definitely something that we'll remember.

For more information, check out Krispy's Kreme's website here!

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