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Brace yourselves, soap fans! Jaymes is checking in with Soap Opera Digest's Editorial Director Stephanie Sloane for the latest daytime TV news.

Krista Allen's Daytime's Return

Krista Allen, who's best known for playing Billie in Days of our Lives in the 90s, is ready to tackle this new chapter in her career.

"Krista tells us that she did a makeover for the role. She had just cut her hair short, so she ordered a wig off of Amazon to go in for her meeting," Sloane said.

Furthermore, she told Sloane that she's very excited to reprise the fast pace of daytime television and is looking forward for her B&B debut this December.

Luke & Laura's Iconic Wedding 

Back in 1981, a very special couple tied the knot, gluing viewers to the screen. Luke and Laura's iconic wedding happened more than 40 years ago with 30 million people tuning in for the big event.

"It was the biggest wedding ever to take place in daytime," Sloane said.

The beloved character's wedding definitely marked one of the biggest eras in soap opera's history.

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