Lily James on Starring in 'Rebecca'

"It's addictive. It's hypnotizing."

Lily James says viewers will be "surprised" by the latest adaptation of Rebecca.

Whether it's a classic story or musical, the Cinderella & Mamma Mia! star is no stranger to taking on timeless roles. James, pulling another iconic character straight from the pages of a classic novel dating back from the 1930s.

The story Rebecca found an even wider audience after legendary director Alfred Hitchcock adapted the novel into a film that took home an Oscar for "Best Picture" in the 1940s.

So it's no surprise that Lily James says it's a "privilege" to play the self-conscious woman who marries the rich aristocrat, Mr. de Winter. What IS a surprise is that Lily James isn't playing the title character, "Rebecca." In fact, "Rebecca" is merely the essence of Mr. de Winter's former wife, who haunts Lily's character "Mrs. de Winter" throughout the entire movie.

Whether you've seen the original Hitchcock classic or are just a film buff, Rebecca is a can't miss on Netflix.

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