One-On-One: Loni Love Dishes on Her New Book! | Celebrity Page

Loni Love is an Emmy winner, two-time NAACP Image Award winning comedian, host of The Real and now, a two-time author.

Love just released her second book, I Changed So You Don't Have To, and spilled all the details with Celebrity Page correspondent Jaymes Vaughan:

"My first book was more of dating, relationship book, but this one is truly something that I wanted to share with my fans and people that are just now getting to know me."

Loni's Message

Love hopes she can inspire people to stay positive, saying:

"We need a little more hope. We need a little more inspiration and I am a girl that grew up in Detroit, Michigan during the crack era in the 80s."

In the book, Love discusses she was homeless and arrested once, but overcame it. She wants to prove to readers that they, too, can work hard and make their way out of tough times.

Inspiring Others

Love is using her platform on social media to uplift her fans, telling us:

"I'm just trying to use my platform to help us get through 2020. We're living in historic times and it's time for us to start recording our stories. If you're an entertainer, you should be entertainer at all times especially during times of conflict and sadness."

Love's new book is available now!

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