Here's A Sneak Peek Of The Season Finale Of 'Lost Resort' | Celebrity Page
Imagine a trip to Costa Rica... but with nine strangers and five healers to work out deep issues.

'Lost Resort' Heals The Soul 🏖

Lost Resort is one of the brand new shows that premiered on TBS this summer.

The show brings together nine strangers that have experienced severe trauma in their lives. Once the group comes together in Costa Rica, five healers introduce different rituals and mediations to help the group work through issues.

Acqua Xena Heart is just one of the five healers looking to help people heal from their trauma and step up into their empowered selves.

"This incredible TV reality show is that journey of healing with the drama and everything that's involved," Acqua said.

The healer hopes people watching the show in quarantine will also find motivation from to find their inner happiness.

"I think this is an opportunity for those that want to take it, to say, 'I can completely transform my life right now.'"

You can catch the season finale of Lost Resort September 24 on TBS.

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