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Lucifer fans are among the most loyal in television. Even when the series moved from FOX to Netflix, the fanbase continued their commitment to the storyline and characters. Now that the show will be ending next year with season six, Kevin Alejandro is spilling as to what's in store!

Now in the second half of season five, the characters on Lucifer are fully developing in their own ways.

"You guys are going to get the opportunity to see the full evolution of our characters. Particularly for my character in general. Dan has started out at a certain point when we meet him and you get to see a full circle of who he becomes," Alejandro said.

The actor also revealed the stages for the pending final and sixth season.. Needless to say, fans won't be disappointed.

"For the final season, I am so happy with what they did and how they wrote it. It's good to go out when people are like... 'That was a good show.'"

New episodes of Lucifer are streaming now on Netflix.

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