When he's not seeking vengeance, he's helping those in need!

Hollywood star Danny Trejo is often seen taking down the cartel and strapping machine guns to motorcycles in his films. But this week, he did something truly heroic. 

The action star, best known for his role as Machete Cortez in the famous action series, has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. The action star was driving in Los Angeles on Wednesday when a dangerous car crash caused a vehicle to flip over, trapping a grandmother and small child inside. Trejo snapped into action, scrambling into the wreckage to help. Another woman rushed in, helping Trejo unbuckle the child's seatbelt and free him. The star helped calm the child down, telling him to use his 'superpowers' to keep himself calm. 



Danny Trejo tells press on the scene:

"Everything good that's happened to me, has happened as a direct result of helping something else"

Luckily, Trejo didn't need superpowers to help! His quick thinking stopped a bad accident from getting worse. All victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to make full recoveries.

After a troubled youth filled with addiction, the star cleaned up his act, bettering himself and staying sober for the last 42 years. Since then he's established his acting career, starring in plenty of action and family movies, including Spy Kids and recently voicing Dora's sidekick Boots in Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which is in theaters now. 

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