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Dr. Venus Nicolino helps celebrity couples get through strenuous situations on Marriage Boot Camp, but now the doc has expert advice for getting through the holidays on one of the toughest years ever.

Our Sonia Isabelle asked the relationship expert why is this year tough on some people. Dr. Nicolino explained:

"One of those reasons that you're being pushed to feel something that perhaps you don't feel so 'tis the season to be jolly' and it's like 'oh well do I feel jolly', no I don't feel jolly. So that gap between what the season is pushing us to feel and what you actually feel gets much wider."

When Isabelle asked about giving advice to others who are struggling after a rough year, Dr. Nicolino shared with us:

"At any point in your lifetime, at any Christmas or holiday that you are ever going to have, this is the one to take advantage of instilling your sense of self-care and your sense of boundaries. You're allowed to say no to that family gathering, you're allowed to say no to people's energy you don't like. You're allowed to say no."

As for any tips for coping in 2021, Dr. Nicolino offered:

"It's a time to really self reflect. It's a time to really self assess how you've been previously managing your mind and how you can manage your mind now."
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Celebrity Page TV

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Celebrity Page TV

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