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One of Netflix's newest shows White Lines centers around Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock) leaving her life behind to help investigate the disappearance of her brother in Ibiza. One of the stars of the show, Marta Milans, spoke with our Arthur Kade about her experience filming and the first season.

Filming In Ibiza

White Lines, which was filmed in Ibiza, was actually where Milans grew up. In her interview with Kade, she spoke about how the party scene in Ibiza is portrayed through the show and how is there a lot more to the island than just that. Milans explains:

"There are certain strokes that are definitely super realistic. But, I think that's not everything to the island. I think the island has so many other beautiful things to discover about it. But I think that particular subject is clearly super well depicted."

Playing Kika

Milan's character in the show, Kika, is forced to make a lot of decisions about what her life is about to look like. Milan spoke about what her experience in that role was like. She shares:

"'White Lines' presents that issue where, you know, we focus a lot on our pasts and not having to think about the future or maturing or growing up or becoming an adult. Kika is presented with that situation where she goes back to that place she left all those years ago and now she has to become an adult."

When comparing it to experiences in her own life, Milans says:

"A few years ago I was, you know, struggling in this complicated career that we're in and having all these doubts. I had to go to Ibiza and reconnect with myself for a bit and not give up. That's part of the reason I'm still here."

Possible Season 2

When asked about a possible season two of the show, Milans has her hopes up:

"We are yearning for one. All we can hope is that we continue to do the wonderful numbers we've been doing so far and staying positive and continuing to receive love from fans. I think that's what will determine if we will have a season 2 or not. So, crossing fingers!"

Be sure to check out White Lines on Netflix now!

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