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Who likes bland anyway?

Go big or go home!

Mary Welch Fox Stasik is an interior designer with design credit in NYC! Now, she's starring in an all new HGTV show, Breaking Bland, based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Working in a big city has inspired Stasik's exciting taste, which has helped many clients get out of their comfort zone.

"Often I find when I have clients that people kind of want to just revert back to what they see all over the place or what they're comfortable with, without ever tapping into their own senses and what they love," Stasik said.

Stasik uses her creativity to flip the script on traditional designs, such as checkered floors instead of hardwood floors.

"It is really just getting to know people at their core and talking them through what ultimately is just fears, often. I'm not trying to push a bunch of like wild and crazy colors on people. It's really all about tapping into you and your senses."

The star is also hoping to inspire viewer's creativity in their own right.

"I hear so often from so many people "I don't have a creative bone in my body." I don't believe it. So I hope people take away that everybody does have a creative bone."

Starting August 4th, catch new episodes on HGTV every Wednesday.

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